5 Reasons to Subscribe & Save

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There are so many reasons to select that Subscribe & Save option. Not only do I like to save money I like to save time and using Subscribe & Save helps with both. I constantly forget to items that I need for my family which forces me to take multiple trips to the supermarket. I love to shop but going to supermarket 3 times in one day is where I draw the line. So I choose to get a lot of my everyday must haves through Subscribe & Save. They say the first step it to admit your addictions so here goes. “I am an addicted to Amazon“. Tell me who isn’t these days they make it fast, easy, and they always have good deals especially when you Subscribe & Save. I have changed it according to my growing son, who’s needs change with each passing year. So as he grows up I switch it up based on what my family needs.

Here are the 5 reasons you should choose Subscribe & Save!

  1. The Convenience! Like I have already said it is easy and convenient to get monthly shipments of my house for those everyday products like baby wipes and vitamins. Plus they have flexible delivery dates that suits anyone’s needs and can be updated or cancel at anytime.
  2. Lowest Price! When you select Subscribe & Save option you automatically save 5% compared to a one time purchase.
  3. Coupons! They give special coupons on select products so you can save even more on your Subscribe & Save orders (Only on first time orders) That’s OK the savings is worth it.
  4. Stack The Savings! It is true the more you subscribe the more you save all the way up to 15% OFF when you have 5 or more items delivered to your house a month. Hey parents here’s a something you might not know you can save 20% on Subscriptions to diaper, baby food and more!
  5. Free Shipping! Don’t forget about the Free Shipping. Not just for Amazon Prime Member either everyone who does Subscribe & Save gets Free Shipping that is including select Add On Items as well.
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