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The must have apps that make it fast and easy to save money on your groceries. When you start couponing you might think it is just about clipping coupons from Smartsource, Retailmenot Everyday (RedPlum) and P&G brand inserts from the Sunday newspaper or printing out coupons from online. There are more ways to save before and after you shop. I have listed out the must have apps that I use when I go grocery shopping. – Select, Print and Save. Pick out the coupons that you want and print them all right from your phone. They update there coupons every month to help you save on all your favorite brands. They also let you load coupons right to your reward cards to places like Stop & Shop and ShopRite. Load Up or Print out either way this app helps you save money on your everyday grocery bill.

SavingStar – There is no clipping or printing needed for this app. Pick your stores, add your savings card for those stores, and start earning cash back on your groceries. For certain stores such as Stop & Shop, ShopRite, and CVS where you add your savings card from those stores and the offer you activate on SavingStar will be redeemed automatically. For example you activate an offer for Culturelle for $5.00 when purchase that product at ShopRite just scan ShopRite’s savings card and the $5.00 will be added to your account. Then for stores like Target, Costco and Walmart you can scan in your receipt to redeem the offers you activated. You will be able to redeem the cash back when you reach $20.00. The feature that I like about this app is linking my store savings card to the app and the savings happen without me having to scan in a long receipt.     

Ibotta – Is a cash back app for your groceries. That receipt that prints out at the grocery store are going to help you save even more on your groceries so don’t throw them out. The way it works is simple, Ibotta has offers on select items. Then as you select those items you will be prompted to perform simple task like watch a short video or do a short survey on the item. The offer will be added to your offers. Pick the store where you will be buying that product Ibotta gives you a list of the stores where the offer can be redeemed. What I do is find the store first and then pick the offer. Once you are done you can go and do your grocery shopping. Then all you have to do is take picture of your receipt to show proof of purchase and the offer can be redeemed (it can take 72 hours to verify your purchase). There are select stores that you can add to your loyalty card in order to redeem the offers. You would need to load the offers prior to shopping and have your loyalty card linked to ibotta before checking out. Here is a link to find out who Ibotta’s preferred partners are. This is just an option you can always upload your receipt to redeem. As your rewards build up you will be able to redeem them with PayPal or Venmo account. Don’t have a PayPal or Venmo account no worries you can collect the rewards and cash them out and receive gift cards from select retailers. Either way it is cash in your pocket. You can also earn cash back when you refer a friend to Ibotta. Overall this is a great app to have to get those extra savings on your grocery bill. 

Checkout 51 – Is a cash back program for groceries similar to Ibotta. This is how Checkout 51 works you load offers on your app, go shopping, scan the barcode of the items you purchased, upload your receipt and earn your cash back (it could take up to 48 hours for your purchase to be verified). New offers arrive every Thursday to help you save more. They also have multiple items that can be claimed. For example if there is an offer Welch’s Fruit Snack for $1.00 you can claim it up to 3 so if you buy 3 boxes that is $3.00 cash back. I love the multiple item feature. You can cash out after your reached $20.00 it will prompt you for your address so they can send you a check. It’s a great way to save money on the go.   

Target App – Everyone loves Target. On there app they have Target Circle where you can load discounts on 1000’s of items. I love this app because it can be combined with manufacturer coupons. Doubling your savings at checkout. They also have there weekly ad that sometime has offers in it like “free $20 target gift card with select baby department purchase of a $100 or more” that is in the app as well. All you have to do is go into the app tap on the wallet and the offer is there and ready to scan no clipping necessary. You can also place your order on the app and have it shipped or pick up in-store.    

Stop & Shop App – Is great to have because they offer exclusive savings where you can load store coupons to your card all right from your phone. I have been known to be standing on the checkout line waiting and scanning through the store coupons and loading them right before I checkout. It makes it easy to save money even right before checkout. The app is also great to browse the weekly circular to plan out your shopping trip. You can learn about all the ways to save at Stop & Shop.

ShopRite App –  Has it all it. You can upload coupons to your savings card, browse the weekly circular and shop right from your phone. What makes ShopRite’s app so different from Stop & Shop is you can add items to your cart and checkout right from your phone. This is great if you don’t want to deal with the long lines and packed stores. They give you 2 options pickup in store or get it delivered right to your home. You can read about all the ways to save at ShopRite

CVS App – The benefits to the CVS app. Load deals and rewards to your card, browse weekly ad, order photo prints, and re-fill/manage your prescriptions. CVS has Extrabucks Rewards and manufacturer coupons that can be loaded to your Extra Care Card . So when you scan your card at checkout the discounts come off it is just that easy. You can read all about way to save at CVS  

Walgreens App – You can view the the weekly ad and load coupons to your balance rewards card. What I love about Walgreens is the different kinds of coupons they offer. Not only do they have the manufacturer coupons that can be loaded to your balance rewards card they also offer a monthly coupon book that helps you save even further. They have an awesome everyday points program you can earn them on select items and use the rewards towards a future purchase.    


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  2. […] Use rebate apps like Ibotta, Savings Star, Checkout 51. If you want to know more about the best grocery apps check out Best Grocery Coupon Apps. […]

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