40% Stila Makeup Sets at Macy’s

40% Stila Makeup Sets at Macy’s
40% Stila Makeup Sets at Macy’s

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Stila the makeup used for runway fashion shows for over 20 years now available for me and you the everyday gal. Stylish and chic this is the makeup that lasts from morning until night. Giving you the look you want. Whats your favorite look chic, glam, natural…? Drop a comment to share your favorite look.

They have 2 sets available for 40% OFF.

4-Pc. The Fourth Dimension Liquid Eye Shadow Set

  • Reg: $49
  • Sale Price: $29.40

6-Pc. Ethereal Elements Beauty Boss Lip Gloss Set

  • Reg: $60
  • Sale Price: $36

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