Pandemic Changing How I Shop!

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The Crisis

We all know what is going on with this Pandemic reeking havic on our way of life and the way we shop. For those of you who are not in a place that has been impacted yet let me start by saying in all my life I have never seen anything like this before. Supermarket, Wholesale Clubs, Pharmacies are selling out of basic normal everyday things. I am sure you have seen some kind of hilarious meme about the toilet paper frenzy. Yes because when I hear there is a respiratory virus that is very contagious, the first item I think about getting is toilet paper. Ummm no the first thing I went for was Fever Reducers like Aleve and Tylenol. I also made sure to get some medical supplies, but despite looking for masks there where none.

When People Panic

When the Corona Virus started to spread the sheer panic set in. The alerts and facebook posts started, showing empty shelves and long lines. I didn’t understand the things that they are buying. Can anyone please explain to me why is a pandemic everyone is buying hamburger buns in bulk? When this first started I thought let me get 1 or 2 hand sanitizers. When I realized they where flying off the shelved I did what every sane person does, I jumped on Amazon. Come to find out people where trying to sell them for $50. REALLY PEOPLE!!! That is just insane and shameful that someone would look to profit off of any crisis.

Then as news broke about the shortage on hand sanitizer they tell you how to make your own. The ingredients to do it sold out pretty fast so there goes that solution. I guess we just wait it out and hope that stock at a normal price comes back on shelves.

I shop every weekend to get things I need like yogurt, eggs, and bread. What I didn’t want to believe that the shelves where empty. I said these people are too busy fighting over toilet paper to be buying yogurt, I was so wrong. I am all about couponing and stock piling, but there is a limit.

My Solution

So I am going to change it up. While we battle this I am going to be posting online deals on every day items as well as anything else I think is a good deal. I promise as I see the Supermarkets going back to having normal amount of inventory and people are not going crazy for toilet paper. I will start to go back to couponing the old fashioned way. For now I am going to enjoy this new experience and see what kinds of awesome deals I can find.

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