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ShopRite is known for their great prices and sales. What people don’t realize is that you can stack coupons on top of those great sales to save even more. ShopRite is the place where you can really save on your groceries using coupons. Me personally I always am able to save over 50% off my total bill. This is one of those supermarkets where you just can’t go wrong. Here are all the ways you can save at Shop Rite!

  • If you don’t already have a ShopRite Price Plus Club card you are going to want to get one because that is how the real savings will happen. Every time you scan that card at checkout, it will not only give you all the sale prices, but it keeps track of what you buy. The whole reason the store tracks what you buy most frequently is for no other reason than to give you coupons. This is what keeps you coming back to them to do your grocery shopping. Every grocery store that offers a membership card does this.
  • Download the ShopRite app or sign up online. This is where you will get access to their digital coupons that you can load straight to your Price Plus Card (No clipping necessary) these are what we call e-coupons. **Always read the fine print when using coupons. It will save you and the store a lot of headache and aggravation. 

There are 2 Kinds of e-coupons you will find at ShopRite

The e-coupon that you can use one time for one item.

The e-coupon that can be redeemed up to 4 times on for of that item. For example the Save $1.00 Palmolive Dish Soap. I you purchase 4 of Palmolive’s it will take $4.00 off at check out. A dollar for each one you purchase.

  • Most ShopRite’s will double any MQ coupon up to $0.99. So if you have a coupon for $0.60 when they scan it at the register it will double it so instead of just $0.60 savings its $1.20 savings. ***Read there Coupon Policy page and keep in mind because they are independently owned the coupon policy may vary. 

Please note that ShopRite does not allow you to use paper manufacturer coupons and e-coupons. Its either one or the other.

Now when it comes to whether or not you use and e-coupon or a paper coupon you have to use your judgement. I you have a paper MQ for $0.60 OFF and it does not say “DO NOT DOUBLE” it will double at the register. Then you see the same coupon on the ShopRite App it will not double. So in situations like that you are better off with the paper coupon.

  • Downtime Dollars. ShopRite has this new interactive way to save money. You can find the link on the ShopRite app or website. It will have you answer a few questions on a product for example I just did one for avocados. Then watch a short video and they give you money off a future shopping trip.  
  • They send weekly emails with a list of there specials. Making it easier to plan you shopping trip. 
  • ShopRite does this great sale called the  “Can Can Sale”. This is where you can really save a lot of money and stock up on your non-perishable items. Over the Summer they also do the “Hot Hot Hot Sale”. So when these sale come up I get excited because even though ShopRite always has great sales the “Can Can Sale” and the “Hot Hot Hot Sale” are the best times to add to your stockpile.
  • They put Super Coupons in the flyers. I love these, they do them every so often where in the front of there flyer there is a page filled with Super Coupons. Combine those with MQ’s and the savings are endless. Even if  there aren’t MQ’s available on the items they are advertising the Super Coupons are usually too good to pass up. A coupon is a coupon whether it is from a store or a MQ either way you will win with a Super Coupons. Don’t forget to check the ShopRite app or website because if there could be a digital coupon that you can use with the Super Coupon. 

Rebate Apps

Use rebate apps like Ibotta, Savings Star, Checkout 51. If you want to know more about the best grocery apps check out Best Grocery Coupon Apps.

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