Stop & Shop Update! Changes Happening at Checkout!

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There are changes happening at select Stop & Shop’s self checkout lines. Don’t get caught off guard at checkout. The coupon policy has not changed, but at some stores they are limiting the amount of coupons you can use at self checkout. Of course as a couponer this might throw a wrench in the system, but of course as long as you know the rules you can make it work.

If a coupon limit is reached, the register will call for assistance and the customer will be prompted to hold the coupon. Coupon limits are as follows:

  • Any single coupon with the amount greater than $2.99
  • Only 3 duplicate coupons in a single transaction (this has not been confirmed. This may also apply to internet printable coupons)
  • Total coupon amount limit in a small order (defined as any order $25 or less) equals $15.00.
  • Total coupon percentage in a large order (defined as any order greater than $25) equals 50%.

To avoid the annoying beeping self checkout if you have a lot of coupons go to a cashier to save yourself the headache and aggravation.

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